Curriculum Vitae

1977 High School completed at Colegio Militar.
1983 2th year of Computer Science Engineering at Universidade do Minho.
1984 'Military Communications Instructor Training Course' at the Portuguese Army.
1991 'Instructors Training Course' at Instituto de Investigacao para o Desenvolvimento, Cooperacao e Formacao 1 de Maio, with support from the 'European Social Fund'.

1986 Programmed the 'Antas' Soccer Stadium Display using both microelectronics and Algorithmic Knowledge.
1987-88 Participated in the "Projecto Conferencia de Facturas", for the ARSs (Health Regional Administrations) at a full country level, building specific programs and taking responsability for:
  • Corrupted data files recovering (both with gaps or out of fase).
  • Automatic data fields update after new fields definitions.
  • Interface for Rbase DataBases and other programs.
  • Interface between Code Bars printing and the Rbase Database.
  • Xerox Laser Printer programming routines for printing Code Bars.
  • Doubling page printing speed,thus reducing to half the number of needed laser printers (at full country level).
  • Novell 1.0 Test Network Instalation.
  • Studied, after manual disassembly, several of the very first viruses in existence.
  • Created several 'Anti-Bodies' specific for the following virus:
    • "Jumping Ball(?)",
    • "Friday-13", alias "1813" or "Jerusalem".
  • Built the (apparently) first cleaning program for files infected with the "Amstrad" virus
  • Initiated activities as Trainner with the following Professional Trainning Courses:
    • MSDOS and DRDOS Operating Systems.
    • Introduction to Lotus-123.
    • Introduction to DBase-III.
  • Implemented the "Projecto MediSis-BBS", ordered by MediSis, Sistemas Informaticos para Medicina.
  • Instaled a Lantastic-Net for MediSis-BBS usage.
  • Served, from July, at 'Pantrans Transitarios, Lda', as responsable for the Computer Department. Moved half of the instaled hardware (Accounting Department) with a zero mans/hour loss. Repaired much of the hardware reducing by 85% the expenses with IBM services. Started the transition from an IBM System 36 to an IBM system AS/400.
  • Participated as consultant in a Managing Package for Food Services, ordered by 'Medisis', in colaboration with dietetics professionals.
  • Made the analysis of an Automatic Auxiliary Diagnosis Project, using Artificial Inteligence, ordered by 'MediSis'.
  • Administration and improvements to 'MediSis-BBS'.
  • Build several security programs for PC's:
    • Password Acess. (Analise, Prototype, Reduction to Assembler).
    • Protection of Remote Acess to BBS's with Backdoors (Analise, Prototype), currently in use at 'MediSis-BBS' and at 'CyberAcores, Tecnologias de Informacao, Lda'.
    • Protection of Sensitive Files by ciphering with the recognised algorithm BlowFish implemented in CBC mode (Cipher Block Chaining) and distributed at Garbo's and Stuba's ftp sites as BLWCB16F.ZIP, (This is a 114k Zip file with an easy to use DOS executable, documentation and sources in OOP TPascal 7.0 code... for checking by the cryptography community.)
  • Started programming in Borland's Object-Pascal with the Package Delphi 3.
  • Developed the DNA Method of Feistel ciphers expansion .
  • Studied Fuzzy Logic Control Expert Systems.
  • Developed a small Data Base for Video Collections (W9x).
  • Developed another small Data Base for UFO Study Archives (W9x).
  • Developed Resources, (788k). an outlooker to reflect (W9x) System Status.
  • Made the analysis for a Cryptographic E-Mail application (W9x).

Mother Language: Portuguese.
Fluency in: English, Brazilian and French (all spoken and written).
Other languages: Spanish and Italian (understood but not spoken).

Preferencial Areas as Trainner:
  • [Programming Basis]
    Algorithmics, Boolean Logic, Numerical Methods, Data Types, Pointers, Data Manipulation.
  • [Programming Languages]
    Turbo-Pascal, Delphi's Object-Pascal, ANSI-C e ANSI-C++.
  • [Hardware & Firmware]
    Generic Computers, PC Computers, Operating Systems.
  • [MS-DOS Environment]
    Introduction, Tecniques, Tools, Virus understanding plus it's Prevention and Cleanning.
  • [Windows Environment]
    Introduction and Tecniques.